Great Waves of Change

Preparing Your Family

Preparing for the Great Waves of change requires many things. It is important, if you have a family and are married, that you begin to prepare them as well. Your young children do not need to know what is coming, but your spouse or your partner must become educated and supportive of your efforts. This […]

Relationships and the Great Waves

You have Four Pillars in your life, the Pillars that uphold your life. They give it strength, balance and certainty. These are the Pillar of Relationships, the Pillar of Work, the Pillar of Health and the Pillar of your Spiritual Development. Like the four legs of a table, they uphold your life. The strength of […]

The Freedom to Move with Knowledge

There are growing numbers of people in the world today who sense that great change is coming, and more than this they have begun to respond to messages from Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within them telling them to do certain things, to make certain adjustments or changes in their lives and to take certain forms […]

Escaping the Past

Humanity is preparing to live in a very different future, a future unlike the past in so many ways. The accelerating change that you experience around yourself and even within yourself gives testimony to this. But it is not merely that your immediate circumstances are going through change or that you are perhaps having new […]

The Great Waves and Your Life

People will ask, “What will these Great Waves look like? What can we expect? What are we really preparing for? Is it a difficult situation or is it a terrible situation?” The answer depends upon many things—upon human response and responsibility. Certainly, the resources of the world will be diminished, and there will be great […]


Humanity has crossed a critical threshold where we will have to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances. This will require a united effort between governments and peoples to bring new levels of skill, technology and cooperation to meet the requirements of living in a radically changing world. At the core of this united […]

The Great Waves of Change

Great change is coming to the world, change unlike anything that humanity as a whole has ever seen before—Great Waves of change all converging at this time. For humanity has impacted the world in so many ways, and the results of that impact are now gathering—gathering strength, gathering force, converging at a time when humanity […]