Great Waves of Change

Great Waves of Change are coming to the world.

Preparing for life in a New World of environmental, social and political change and upheaval.

This free book, The Great Waves of Change,
will prepare you for the challenges to come.

In The Great Waves of Change, Marshall Vian Summers explains the steps you can take to navigate our increasingly turbulent and uncertain times. In the face of such uncertainty, Summers presents a revolutionary new way of knowing—a unique process that can be applied by people everywhere. By understanding the Great Waves and by connecting to a deeper authority within, you can find the strength, courage and inner certainty to adapt and to become a contributor, not a victim, to a rapidly changing world. Read the book now!

The Great Waves Prophecy
and the Alien Intervention

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Preparing yourself, your family and your community for life
in a changing world.

  • Pandemic Disease
  • Economic Hardship and Instability
  • Declining Resources
  • Climate Change and Catastrophic Weather
  • Escalating World Conflict
  • Loss of Arable Land and Fresh Water
  • Collapse of Biodiversity
  • Destruction of our Natural Habitat

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