Great Waves of Change

About Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers is the award-winning author of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing (Year 2000 Book of the Year Award for Spirituality in the United States) and Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation. His message emphasizes that humanity is a greater community that must establish a new unity and cooperation in the face of great change if it is to survive and advance in the times ahead.

His message presents a new vision of humanity’s future in a larger Universe of intelligent life and an urgent call to prepare individually and collectively for the Great Waves of change; a converging set of challenges which include economic hardship and instability, catastrophic climate change, resource depletion and escalating conflict around the world.

His writings contain a spiritual preparation which focuses on the deeper intelligence within each person called Knowledge, which each of us will need in order to navigate the difficult and uncertain times to come. As nations, cultures and religions clash and become more unstable, men and women everywhere will need this deeper authority to determine their actions, to assist one another and ultimately to forge a new way for the human race.


A Message from Marshall Summers

Humanity has crossed a critical threshold where we will have to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances. This will require a united effort between nations and peoples to bring new levels of skill, technology and cooperation to meet the requirements of living in a world in decline.

At the core of this is the courage and the ability within people to see what is coming, to know what to do and to act wisely in the face of immense uncertainty and upheaval. Nature has given us this courage and this set of abilities, but they have become latent and forgotten within the human family. More than anything else, it is these abilities that will determine how and even if humanity will prepare for the Great Waves of change and the kind of world we will all have to face as a result.

In facing the Great Waves of change, preparation is the key. The preparation is not merely fortifying one’s outer life. It really begins with what one sees and is aware of within oneself. It rests upon the strength of the individual to be perceptive, resourceful and wise in responding to changing and unpredictable circumstances.

If people can recognize the reality and the power of Great Waves to impact their lives, this will begin a long process of re-evaluation regarding how they live, where they live, their use of resources and the strength or weakness of their relationships in helping them to prepare. This re-evaluation will determine the direction and the meaning of their lives.

In facing change and uncertainty, particularly if it has not been anticipated, people do not rely upon logic and reason as much as upon assumptions, habits and the influence of people around them. This is why the inner preparation is so important. Without this, people will wait to the last moment to react when their options will be few, if any. When many people react in this way, it is chaos.

We each have a greater intelligence within us that is not afraid of the future or of the challenge of changing our lives. This native intelligence has the power to move us or restrain us when necessary and to enable us to find the people and the opportunities which hold the greatest promise for our lives. Here the Great Waves of change, though dangerous and largely unforeseen, hold the ultimate opportunity for those who prepare to reclaim this deeper intelligence, to secure their lives and to make a real contribution to a world in need.

Marshall Vian Summers
Seattle, USA