Great Waves of Change

The Deep Evaluation

To come to terms with the deeper meaning of your life, the greater purpose of your life, there must be a deep evaluation, and this evaluation will be ongoing. It is fundamentally an evaluation regarding relationships. But I use the word relationship here in a more complete sense, for everything that you are associated with represents a […]

Great Waves of Change Practices

It is important to use and apply practices that can bring a greater clarity and certainty to your life. The practices below are from the chapters of The Great Waves of Change and from other writings by MV Summers. With any practice, it is valuable to practice at regular intervals over time to deepen your […]

Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World

Presented here are recommendations to assist you in beginning to prepare for the Great Waves of change. Since each person’s life, circumstances and higher purpose are unique, there is no set of recommendations that can speak to every circumstance and need. Yet these recommendations will be important in helping you to focus your activities and […]

Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action

To be aware of a great need or a great event represents but the first threshold. To fulfill one’s awareness, one must take action. Action is necessary here to bring to fruition one’s awareness and to realize one’s strength. There are people who are becoming aware of the Great Waves of change, but who are […]

A New Message of Hope

There are Great Waves of change coming to the world. They will be unlike anything humanity as a whole has ever had to face before. They are largely the consequence of humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world and its resources. But they also represent a real threshold, an evolutionary threshold that humanity has reached, […]

Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World

In preparing for the Great Waves and in preparing for the Greater Community, you are preparing for your true purpose and greater mission in life. These are not merely inconveniences. These are the opportunities that you have been waiting for. For under normal circumstances, you will never find your greater purpose and mission in life. […]

Where Will You Place Your Faith?

Faith is important if it is built upon experience. Without experience as its foundation, faith becomes merely a hope, and hope alone is weak. It does not have the power to face disappointment and uncertainty sufficiently. To have faith in God will depend upon one’s expectations. What do you expect from God? What do you […]

The Great Waves and the Hidden Reality of Contact

Part of the Great Waves of change for humanity is that it must face the reality that it is not alone in the Universe or even within its own world. For expeditionary forces from the Greater Community, from the physical Universe, are in the world today and have been here for some time—interfering in human […]

The Great Waves Prophecy

The question will surely arise: What can you expect regarding the Great Waves of change? Specifically, what will take place will be determined in part by humanity’s ability to respond and to prepare. What will take place is that the world will become warmer, producing greater loss of food production and great scarcity of water […]

The Danger of Isolation

In the face of the Great Waves of change, it is important that you are not isolated and that other people know who you are and where you are—people who can assist you, people whose wisdom you can rely upon, people who can support you in times of need. This network of relationships, to whatever […]